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Vincenzo La Greca

Italy Born in: 1971

Born in Milan in April 71 'in La Greca Vincenzo already at an early age, he begins to glimpse relevance with the design, so much so that he is proposed by the middle school at the age of 12 years to draw a cartoon, and armed of colored pencils, he makes a short short film...

In 1990 he completed his studies as an advertising graphic designer at the Kandinsky in Milan, then continued his studies at the school of art of the Castello Sforzesco in Milan, specializing in the field of illustration.

Completely self-taught training is essential, consisting of the use of more techniques and experiments, inspired by the urban context of the Milanese suburbs.

In 1992 he participated in several projects in collaboration with other artists, leaving his mark on the walls of his city, he also participates in a series of group exhibitions organized within the Milan Polytechnic with representations on the wall of the University Institute, still existing.

Without setting too many limits and with extreme curiosity, he engages on any type of supports and materials, from cloth to rice paper, mirrors, furniture, cars, tanks, helmets, leather for percussion, tattoos with ecolin, acrylics, pencils, china, glazes, bic, wax colors, etc.

The collaborations follow one another with two other artists, founding the "Tre d'union" group. From here many projects start in the comics, illustrations and satirical vignettes up to the completion of a comic strip story called "The longest penalty kick. of the history "that in 2000 is edited by the cultural center Primo Moroni.of Milan. The interests continue above all after a trip in '98, to the city of Mexico, where admiring the works of Diego Rivera, understands that the various representations on the wall, of large dimensions, they have an important suggestive effect and therefore start with the study of decorations and fake landscapes on the wall, in most cases, in apartments and commercial premises.

Without neglecting the passion for the murals you breathe from another 'journey, this time in Morocco, where he begins to study his own style, introspective and begins to give life to an introspective painting that is gradually mature over the years, until today to its total fullness.

In his last collaboration, started in 2008 and still in progress with the artist architect Lucio Forte, he experiments the techniques of abstract painting, using recycled materials of all sorts, from the supports on which paint to paints and much more, giving life to an important and evocative experimentation in the field of materials.

The latest innovations are able to expose them in more 'occasions as with the exhibition at the large farmhouse of rozzano in October 2011 or in the court of the church of sant'eustorgio in 2013... In October 2016, participates in the collective exhibition at Spazioporpora.

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