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Romina De Novellis

Italy Born in: 1982
Born in 1982 in Naples, Romina De Novellis moved to Rome in 1985. The artist currently lives and works in Paris.

She went to London to practice dance and theater at the Royal Academy of Dance, Romina De Novellis decided to continue her artistic studies at the University of Rome. Later on, she decided to move to Paris where she began a PhD in anthropology and sociology at EHESS, after which she did a thesis on body anthropology.

A performance artist, Romina De Novellis currently works on the notion of body by using the urban public aspect.

Body language has always been the key concept of her living paintings. Her performances want to portray exhilarated bodies, alienated and marked by madness. Romina De Novellis wants to portray how these attitudes can be influenced by frail human conditions, on the fringes of society.

The feminine figure is without any doubt the key figure of the artist's work, these figures are derived from anthropology and ethnomusicology and carry a social message.
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Romina De Novellis, La Veglia #1, Photography

Romina De Novellis

La Veglia #1, 2012
39.4 x 26 x 0.4 inch

$ 7,278

Romina De Novellis, Uno, Photography

Romina De Novellis

Uno, 2015
3.1 x 3.9 x 0.4 inch

$ 1,234

Romina De Novellis, Mamma mia, Photography

Romina De Novellis

Mamma mia, 2013
39.4 x 26 inch

$ 7,401

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