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Ivana Minafra

Italy Born in: 1971
Ivana Minafra is an Italian artist, born in 1971, she has been living and working in France since 2003.

She graduated from the Fine arts school in Genoa and is internationally well-known. Her work is displayed in several French and American galleries, but also during Parisian fairs.

Ivana draws inspiration from her immediate environment, often she uses the urban theme. Through her oil painting technique, the artist is able to portray these scenes with trivial appearances, under an amazing light and gives them an unfinished look.

In her figurative work, the deserted areas sometimes have a human presence, a simple faceless figure, who is just passing by. These wandering shadows in the city belong to the artist's memory.
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Ivana Minafra, Mirage 2, Painting

Ivana Minafra

Mirage 2, 2018
77 x 100 x 2 cm

€ 1,800

Few works remaining by Ivana Minafra

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From April 7, 2018 To May 7, 2018



From July 2, 2016 To August 28, 2016

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