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Nino Giuffrida

Born in: 1924


Nino Giuffrida is an Italian painter born in 1924 in Catania, Sicily. At the age of 17, his passion for art and painting made his attend the art high school of Catania. During this period, he painted frantically everything that surrounded him, landscapes, sailors, still life. In 1946 he did his military service in Rome. He liked to admire the masterpieces of the Roman museums, specially in the Vatican: Michelangelo, Raffaello, La Chapelle Sistine, The Communal Gallery of Modern Art which developed in him this instinctive need to create. In 1949, he settled in Paris and painted the Parisian landscapes, but his real vocation was always the composition. To be able to develop his abilities in this new field, he stayed on the terraces of the cafes of Montmartre and Saint-Germain-des-Prés where he randomly drawed the portraits of the customers in the restaurants. In 1961 in Cannes, he had the privilege of receiving a visit from Picasso who told him: " Now we should give to every subject its own sesibility and personality and you manage to do it well, specially in your children characters, which will remain from you. But I think your paintings will be recognize by your unique colors." The amateurs and collectors of Nino Giuffrida's work can be found all around the world, in Japan, the United Stated, Sweden, Holland, Italy...... Today, he wants to put together most of his work in a same space, a place devoted completely to the exhibition of his work, cultural encounters, musical events and other artistic expressions where we can discover all his career and buy his artwork.
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