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Myochin Muneharu

Born in: 1800



Translation in progress

Myochin Muneharu (1800-1870), a Jo I ranked armor smith whose mastery is apparent throughout his work. The signature “Myochin Muneharu” is chiseled into the suit of armor. Today, collectors honor the crisp detail and exquisite finishes in metal Myochin masters created. The Tokugawa shogun Iemochi chose Muneharu to create a suit of armor as a state gift for Queen Victoria.

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Myochin Muneharu, The real Last Samurai: Shimazu clan Battle Armor, Sculpture

Myochin Muneharu

The real Last Samurai: Shimazu clan Battle Armor, 1900
165.1 x 50.8 x 55.9 cm

€20 329

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