Akira Asakura

Born in: 1972



Akira is a nocturnal photographer on Okinawa Japan. His work comes straight out of the camera on film and is not altered digitally. The deep and strange colors are the result of long exposure.

"I like to be somewhere outside watching things while others are sleeping."

"I like old city areas because of their mood. Okinawa, where I live now, is the island where you can see many things – kind of a forgotten Japan. One of the reasons is that Okinawa is the poorest prefecture in Japan. That means that many old things are still present: assorted derelict houses and bars, sign boards from the post-WWII era etc… About ten years have passed since I moved to this island, but I still feel like I am a traveller. I still feel strange seeing such things."

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  • Japanese Artist

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