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Koichi Nishiyama

Japan Born in: 1968
Koichi Nishiyama was born in Yokohama, Japan in 1968. His education focused on graphic design, he attended the Tokyo Designer School and B Seminar School. Today he works in Tokyo as photographer and graphic designer.

“Finding absence in scenery is the principal theme of my photographic work. The landscapes have contrasting characters which give us an impression of warmth in desolateness, and I find a sense of reality in the absent and desolate scenery. I try to figure out why I find a sense of reality in front of such landscapes through my photography.”

The places photographed by Koichi Nishiyama are marginalized areas, decreasing the density of a city which is in a process of construction and deconstruction. There are almost no people in the pictures, but it does not mean that he is not interested in photographing humans; Nishiyama chooses places where there are traces of inhabitants.

The images in the photographs have become sharply focused because Nishiyama would like to clearly represent the details in the landscapes that were captured by the camera lens. This way of taking pictures was influenced by a text that he remembered by Andrei Tarkovsky; “most interesting, most frightening dreams are the ones where you remember everything down to the minutest detail”.

Koichi Nishiyama would like to transfer an absent existence within the landscapes into the photographs in order to give a figurative sense to them on this earth. He believes that it could add a new value to our world even if there is no answer to the question about what the reality is in his work.
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