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Annya Sand

Kazakhstan Born in: 1983
Native of Kazakhstan, Annya Sand relocated to the U.K at the age of 14. She currently lives and works in London. Born into an artist family with her father being a jeweler, and her grandfather - an architect, she was immersed into the arts from the earliest age.

Annya Sand chooses oil painting as a medium to express herself though an abstract style. Her works, inspired by the Impressionist Movement, is composed of plain colours with earthy tones topped by touches of bright colours, creating a perfect harmony.

Her works have already being appreciated by many art collectors and celebrities. At the age of 20, she sold one of her paintings for £27000, a world record for a such a young artist. Her pieces have been exhibited in numerous galleries around the world and at International Museums such as the Kasteev State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Gapar Aytiev National Museum of Fine Arts of Kyrgyzstan. These Museums and the International Art Development Association (IADA) have also acquired some of her artworks.

Annya Sand is involved in several charities to support sick children (The Children Burns Trust, The Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital) and has donated several of her paintings to such organizations. Her artistic project is always consistent with a humanistic commitment and a desire to make art accessible to everyone: "My art is very personal to me and for a very long time I refused to sell it. But then I saw a path in my paintings that has led me to help others. In a way, it makes me feel like my art has a real healing power".

With her dual cultural heritage, Annya Sand wants to bring the elements of the Asian art into Western world, attempting to highlight the links between these two worlds of art. In 2010, she helped to establish a collaboration between Christie’s in London and the National Museum of Kazakhstan in order to organize "Treasure of Kazakhstan". The exhibition reveals to the London audience for the first time more than 75 masterpieces of Kazak and Russian art, which had never been shown abroad before. In 2014, to inaugurate the Year of Russia in the U.K., Annya exhibited a collection of oil paintings in a figurative style, inspired by urban landscapes and traditions of Russia.
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Galerie Valdo

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