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Hanan Bouanani

Born in: 1980


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Hanan Bouanani, modest to the end of the brush, composes an intimate theater whose characters impress anyone who fixes them. She tells us what we are by hybrid figures. Both angelic and mythical.

Hanan Bouanani is a painter born in Liège in 1980. From her adolescence she already shows her interest in drawing which will naturally lead her to start studying at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Liège. She obtained a bachelor's degree in visual arts, communication and graphic design.

The style of Hanan, which admired the painter Egon Schiele, was part of Expressionist painting.

Hanan Bouanani's works show us expressive faces that tell us stories, conversations, emotions, travels.
His portraits are painted in an emergency to capture an attitude, an expression, and to accentuate the emergence of a feeling.

In the portraits of Hanan Bouanani, one seizes the importance of the games of the colors. She organizes her colors to define shapes.

These sets of colors are particularly highlighted in his canvases with the black background where his portraits appear. The art of Hanan Bouanani is not explained, it feels!

The subtle, subdued smile, the abundant hair, adorning the back, the sparkling eye of malice and the vagabond heart (oscillating like a kite, free and joyful). Hanan Bouanani paints what challenges him. Her painting continues to describe how she continues to live. She represents society in its paintings as it feels.
Works carried by the ambition of an artist who wants to represent the human condition by appetite, dilection and emotion.

Intense pleasure than that of falling face to nose with one of the paintings of Hanan. An orgy of colors grabs you. Your eyes once opened reveal a farandole of silhouettes composing a theater of mysterious figures where the spectator is gradually seized with a feeling of unreality. Ambiguous forms that can be assimilated to heads, masks, scalps. Anonymous bodies, disembodied shadows, subdued silhouettes. So many faces whose human aspect is broken by a real intoxication of pure color.

From perspective and expressionism. From this strange world you can see the angels. It delights the lover of art, who finds his happiness in this alternation of sparkling Impressionism, figurative and fantastic cubism. There are so many modes of painting which are sometimes intermingled, blending, melting into an exalting harmony.

Regards imposing fear, grotesque forms, distorted faces, silhouettes deprived of life. Hanan's work anchors a turbulent vision of the world. She is a painter who tries to render on the canvas the reality that surrounds her, a painter frantically linked to the living reality of her world.

The works realized by Hanan Bouanani, with warm and cold colors, deaf and vivid, often unreal seem to preserve a secret. The world is frozen, time suspended. But the look is magnetised. It is about inspiration, originality and creativity. Beautiful things are never created easily, the more valuable they are the more they require work.
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Hanan Bouanani, No Name, Painting

Hanan Bouanani

No Name, 2018
55.5 x 39.8 x 1.2 inch


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