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Yacout Kabbaj


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Yacout Kabbaj is an artist born in Casablanca. Self-taught without complex, she made a notable entry into the world of professional artists. Yacout began to paint at the age of five, driven by an irrepressible need, but never, she explains, to see anything other than the outlet of a somewhat tormented life. His father, architect and painter, winner of the Beaux-Arts de Paris, is passionate about Impressionism and plays without knowing it a major role in the affirmation of his vocation and participates in the awareness of his talent. August 2006 marks a decisive turning point in her destiny: she abandons a promising career in communication and decides to devote herself entirely to art. This difficult choice will finally allow her to devote herself to her passion without compromise, and from then on she will show a rare determination to exercise painting exclusively. Today, Yacout Kabbaj lives by her work as a visual artist and devotes her time, and all her energy. Aware of the effect of time in the exercise of his passion, it redoubles its application and testifies to a total availability so that these paintings can deliver some of their secrets. His brushstroke, both sure and hesitant, attests to his legitimate doubts as a young first of the artistic landscape, but confers to his works a graphic entirely personal. Yacout's audacity espouses his creativity, to bring forth from his pencil the impertinence of his youth, and the promise of inexhaustible talent. She is also an excellent colourist, who is not intimidated by the bastard colors that painters usually choose to flank on the margins of their palettes. When Yacout Kabbaj opens the abstract doors of her artistic universe, she gives free rein to her sense of color and her perfect mastery of the art of composing. "A coherent universe ...", she explains, as if to reassure those who reproach her, doubtless destabilized by the whimsical character of her creativity, her tendency to paint without systematizing.
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  • Moroccan Artist

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