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Mohamed Lekleti

Mohamed Lekleti

Born in: 1965


Born in Morocco in 1965, Mohamed LEKLETI studied fine arts in Rabat. He continued his studies in Montpellier, where he lives and works today. Passionae about drawing and reading, Mohamed LEKLETI centers his work around myths. At first, he works around issues such as the void and creates elongated characters; today, Lekleti embraces space in its totality, bringing it, through progressive distortions, to the circular shapes, a dynamic setting of the characters, that occupy the whole surface of the canvas. His technique fits his ideas, as Mohamed Lekleti blurrs the limit between drawing and painting by mixing acrylic, charcoal, felt pens, sand... Enjoying a well-deserved recognition, Mohamed Lekleti has numerous exhibitions in France and abroad (USA, Korea, Germany, Morocco, Belgium, Switzerland...).
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Mohamed Lekleti, Dés-équilibre, Print

Mohamed Lekleti

Dés-équilibre, 2016
31.1 x 22.8 x 0.8 inch


Mohamed Lekleti, Untitled, Drawing

Mohamed Lekleti

Untitled, 2014
44.5 x 36.6 inch


Mohamed Lekleti, Joha, Print

Mohamed Lekleti

Joha, 2016
22.8 x 31.1 x 0.8 inch


Few works remaining by Mohamed Lekleti

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Power of Love


Power of Love
From April, 15 To July, 15 2016

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