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Jeroen Erosie

Born in: 1976


Jeroen Erosie is a Dutch artist born in 1976 with the name of Jeroen Heeman. He studied at the Academy of Willem in Kooning in Rotterdam, and then started a heterogeneous career where he tried all the forms of artistic expression, ranging from illustration to typography. He currently lives and works in Eindhoven. Jeroen Eorise' work belongs to the "Post-Graffiti" movement, of which he is one of the main figures. From urban art, it is still possible to admire his frescoes on the walls of some of the major metropolises. An abstract artist, he draws his inspiration from daily life scenes, architecture and music to compose pieces with a unique, colorful and crazy pictorial signature. Intuitively, Jeroen Erosie carries out a great conceptual work with his brushes. He inscribes his artistic approach following a logic of deconstruction of his realizations, gradually separating the rational drawings from the way he used to think. In order to maximize his chances of detachment from these common concepts, he multiplies the techniques, thus forcing himself to advance towards an unknown territory, which is the only way to create new and unpredictable pieces. Jeroen Eorise exhibits his work in numerous galleries. Auction houses command his work on a regular basis.
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Jeroen Erosie, Untitled IV, Painting

Jeroen Erosie

Untitled IV, 2016
39.4 x 31.5 x 2 inch


Jeroen Erosie, Fenêtre polygonale, Print

Jeroen Erosie

Fenêtre polygonale, 2015
35.4 x 24 inch


Jeroen Erosie, Almost legible V, Painting

Jeroen Erosie

Almost legible V, 2017
11.7 x 16.5 inch


Jeroen Erosie, Blind Spot V by Jeroen Erosie, Painting

Jeroen Erosie

Blind Spot V by Jeroen Erosie, 2018
51.2 x 43.3 inch


Jeroen Erosie, Untitled V, Painting

Jeroen Erosie

Untitled V, 2016
43.3 x 51.2 x 2 inch


Jeroen Erosie, Dérive X, Painting

Jeroen Erosie

Dérive X, 2016
27.6 x 23.6 x 2 inch

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