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Daan den Houter

Born in: 1977


Translation in progress

The last decade Daan den Houter has invariably managed to put his growing group of admirers on the wrong track. He has an unerring sense of aesthetics, which ensures the first draft of attention and keeps it there. But primarily Den Houter is a conceptual artist. The layers of his art functions like a slight slope - while the spectator at first finds himself staggering, subsequently he regains his balance. To activate the viewers thinking about important topics like money, identity and values, Den Houter processes humour and sometimes cynicism in his images. The multidisciplinarity of his work shows how much the actual appearance is subordinate to the concept. Not the perfect picture, but the conceptual elaboration is always the starting point of his work. His work controls and manipulates. Confusion and disturbance is what is left. And maybe eventually a new insight is adopted in the way we assume certain things to be true.
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Daan den Houter, Untitled Police, Painting

Daan den Houter

Untitled Police, 2014
9.4 x 7.1 x 0.8 inch


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