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Bram Bogart

Born in: 1921


Bram Bogart Abraham Van Den Bogaart, later known as Bram Bogart was born in 1921 in Delft. In the 50's, he was already part of the most informal avant-garde artists' group. He was known for his variations on the theme of circles, crosses, diamonds or squares. According to him, these shapes practically sum up all of nature. One could see this same vision in the works of Piet Mondrian and Vincent van Gogh. Bram Bogart lived and worked in Paris, Rome, Brussels, and Ohain and Kortenbos at the same time. In 1969, he obtained the Belgian nationality. Although he has been using the same technique which is absolutely unique since the early '60s, he always managed to bring about something new in his work, which undoubtedly showed his true passion and can characterize him as one of the most important painters since the last decade.
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  • Painting

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Bram Bogart, Sans titre, Painting

Bram Bogart

Sans titre, 1986
22 x 29.9 inch


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