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Margherita van der Linden

Netherlands Born in: 1962

Is Margherita van der Linden a versatile Dutch artist who makes her artworks in stone, clay, on canvas or panel because she likes to express herself in many disciplines.

Born 1962 in Utrecht, she lived a large part of her childhood abroad (Pakistan and Africa). After many wanderings her parents continued to live in the Netherlands. 

What is Margherita's style?

Margherita painting style is often a opaque background with a figure in the foreground. These figures are taken from her many years in Pakistan and Africa.

Her paintings express a figurative introverted atmosphere and are built up layer by layer in color and structure. She regularly works on commission, often portraits of people or animals in oil or pastel.

What are her qualifications?

She attended free academy after high school. Obtained her diploma in ceramics in Gouda and did a one-year internship at pottery Mobach in Utrecht. Because a job in that sector was difficult, she worked for years at the municipality of The Hague as a technical draftsman.

During these years, she continued to do a lot of pottery, sculpting and watercolor painting in her spare time. At that time she also mastered painting plateel.

She taught creative crafts at the neighborhood and service centers. She has done this with great pleasure for seventeen years. Oil and acrylic followed after watercolor painting. And she took lessons from Wies van Etten to master these techniques.

It was a small step to move from sculpting to sculpting and making jewelry. Her father also sculpted and they regularly worked together and learned from each other.

She is currently working with ten others in the sculptors

collective "Atelier de Veursteen".

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50 tints of red - jubileum exhibition

Gallery Sorelle Sciarone

50 tints of red - jubileum exhibition
From August 31, 2019 To September 29, 2019

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