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Nemo Jantzen


Emergent Artist

Jantzen Nemo is a visual artist born in the Netherlands He has been alternating between hyperrealistic painting, pop art, installations and sculpture for 20 years. His work is mainly inspired by the world of media, especially cinema, but pop culture as well. He transcribes subjects and scenes in decadence. Even though the mood is sometimes dark, there is always a story behind it. His works are like movies where the end remains open, giving place to the observer's imagination. One can imagine what happened before or what will happen later in the piece in front of us. His sculptures are like photographs of moments that are frozen in bronze. His characters pose nonchalantly while being dressed in costumes. We are in front of a fashion plate and a window model at the same time. They are faceless models with no distinctive sign. Carrying a bag, rolling a cigarette, all are common gestures that are highlighted and immortalized by the artist, giving them an extra aura. Smaller than real humans, his bronze statues are marked by creases. A way of playing and highlighting the material and its reflections. Nemo Jantzen's works are present in public and private collections in London, New York, Paris, Amsterdam and Singapore.
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  • Dutch Artist

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