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Ronald Boonacker

Netherlands Born in: 1955

Colorful canvases, tropical settings and especially sun, sea and beach. These themes form the base of the work of Ronald Boonacker, a Dutch artist with a flamboyant personality.

Ronald is a true cosmopolitan. He has traveled much of his life and has seen almost the entire world. Spain, Italy, France and Brazil are favorite destinations.

Ronald Boonacker is a self-taught artist who started painting during his many travels.

He first expressed his love of art through his art lectures in Rome, Florence and Venice. Were about his first timid attempts with brush and canvas, which made him completely devote himself to painting.

He works mainly with acrylic paint in many and bright shades, occasionally interspersed with silver and gold.

Ronald Boonacker has a sunny outlook on life. Tropical beaches, islands and palms are his favorite subjects. It is therefore not surprising that his works have titles such as "Andalucia", "Route du Soleil" of "Red Palm Mauritius Island". 

His inspiration comes from picturesque environments. For example, he once rented an old monastery in Tuscany and he states that if you stay there for a while, the inspiration will come naturally.

However cosmopolitan art is, the basis of his paintings lies in the traditional Dutch still lifes and landscapes.

Ronald Boonacker undeniably has its roots in the Netherlands.

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Ronald Boonacker, Tuscany, Print

Ronald Boonacker

Tuscany, 2000
57 x 50 x 1 cm

€ 195

Ronald Boonacker, Via Appie, Italia, Print

Ronald Boonacker

Via Appie, Italia, 2000
48 x 38 x 1 cm

€ 225

Ronald Boonacker, Lombardia, Italia, Print

Ronald Boonacker

Lombardia, Italia, 2000
50 x 50 x 1 cm

€ 225

Ronald Boonacker, Via Aurelia, Print

Ronald Boonacker

Via Aurelia, 2000
48 x 38 x 1 cm

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