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Mariusz Zdybal

Born in: 1955


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Mariusz Zdybal (born in 1955)

He was awarded with "Golden Palm" at the international painting competition in Cannes and his works has been shown in Cannes, Warsaw, Gdansk and Berlin. Femme fatale and a conscious temptress, a gentle nymph and as marble beauty, a space mistress and a saxophonist in the Moon's light, these are the women of Zdybal's pictures. Unreal beauties inhabit the underwater worlds, sleepy spaces and lunar landscapes.

The dream is stretched to the borders of reality, and yet stopped still, like a marble sculpture, locked into the surface of the canvas. One could praise the skills of this painter in the highest words, but the contact with his pictures is most of all the wonderful travel within the space of dreams and sub-consciousness, guided by the songs of sirens and the music of nature. The viewer is invited to the mystic world under the surface of reality!

- Katarzyna Napiórkowska
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Mariusz Zdybal, Red skirt, Painting

Mariusz Zdybal

Red skirt, 2011
28.7 x 21.7 inch


Mariusz Zdybal, Trinity, Painting

Mariusz Zdybal

Trinity, 2003
35.4 x 23.6 inch


Mariusz Zdybal, Half-nudes, Painting

Mariusz Zdybal

Half-nudes, 2002
26 x 37.8 inch


Mariusz Zdybal, Two Suns, Painting

Mariusz Zdybal

Two Suns, 2002
27.6 x 39.4 inch


Mariusz Zdybal, His master's voice, Painting

Mariusz Zdybal

His master's voice, 2000
39.4 x 28.7 inch


Mariusz Zdybal, A bald woman, Painting

Mariusz Zdybal

A bald woman, 2000
18.9 x 34.6 inch


Mariusz Zdybal, Thoughtful, Painting

Mariusz Zdybal

Thoughtful, 2005
23 x 35 inch


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