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Oliver Schwarzwald

Born in: 1973


Oliver Schwarzwald was born in 1973 in Danzig. He lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. Oliver Schwarzwald is a self-taught photographer. He began his career in photography working for Danish photographer Mads Madsen, which had a great influence on his work. He focused his career on still life and food, bringing together two of his particular penchants. “As a young lad, I loved cooking. When I realised I could combine cooking and photography, it was something of a revelation”, he says. Several freelance assistance jobs followed for still life and food photographers. And with his feet firmly in the business, advertising shootings followed for various clients and for an ever greater range of products. If there’s one thing that’s important to Oliver Schwarzwald, it’s variety. His topics and style can best be described as lavish and luxurious sometimes, and very straightforward and reduced in other instances. In short, Oliver Schwarzwald is a versatile photographer whose work takes advantage of a wide array of inspirations and influences to focus on what counts.
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  • Polish Artist

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Subject Matter Art X Norr11

Subject Matter

Subject Matter Art X Norr11
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