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Witold Pyzik

Born in: 1961


Born in Gdansk (Poland) in 1961, Witold Pyzik settled permanently in France in 1985 after studying at the School of Fine Arts of Poznan.

As said by the art critic Alexandre hook, "sensuality inundates the work of Witold Pyzik. Excelling in a timeless topic, the naked body, the artist reinvents the norms, the points of view, eliminating the non-essential to deliver just a private meeting with the body unveiled. Sculpting, more than painting, with a brush of nymphs, Witold Pyzik gives literally flesh and thick through generous and captivating color. Maillol and Renoir are not far from his creations, available yet inaccessible, powerful yet intimate, almost allegorical. Indecent yet reserved, the women of Witold Pyzik are surprise in their daily lives, immanent as well as eternal."

His works are part of several private collections in France as well as abroad.
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  • Painting

  • Painting Nude

  • Painting Oil

  • Polish Artist

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Witold Pyzik, Scandinave, Painting

Witold Pyzik

Scandinave, 2016
29.9 x 24.4 x 0.8 inch


Witold Pyzik, Tornade, Painting

Witold Pyzik

Tornade, 2016
31.5 x 47.2 x 0.8 inch


Witold Pyzik, Concentrée, Painting

Witold Pyzik

Concentrée, 2016
47.2 x 31.5 x 0.8 inch

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Few works remaining by Witold Pyzik

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15 ans, 15 artistes


15 ans, 15 artistes
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