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Dorota Zych-Charaziak

Born in: 1964


Dorota Zych-Charaziak is a Polish artist born in 1964 in Warsaw. She studied at the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Poland, in the atelier of Professor Tadeusz Dominik and she graduated with honors in 1990. She was granted a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture.

In her paintings she focuses mostly on the color and the composition. She places the characters on big open surfaces, highlighting their alienation. From a formal point of view, her paintings are charming, thanks to their game of colors and light. The scenes depicted on a cold and often empty surface are a personal reflection of the artist's loneliness, his and that of humans in general.

Her work is displayed in several private collections in Poland, Austria, France, Portugal, United Kingdom as well as in the United States.
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Dorota Zych-Charaziak, Yellow hart, Painting

Dorota Zych-Charaziak

Yellow hart, 2016
37 x 47.2 inch


Dorota Zych-Charaziak, A pier (Diptych), Painting

Dorota Zych-Charaziak

A pier (Diptych), 2017
47.2 x 70.9 inch


Dorota Zych-Charaziak, The Offense, Painting

Dorota Zych-Charaziak

The Offense, 2010
26.8 x 33.9 inch


Dorota Zych-Charaziak, The Direction (Bicycle), Painting

Dorota Zych-Charaziak

The Direction (Bicycle), 2007
17.7 x 62.6 inch


Dorota Zych-Charaziak, Jump, Painting

Dorota Zych-Charaziak

Jump, 2010
39.4 x 47.2 inch

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Dorota Zych-Charaziak, Yellow hart 2, Painting

Dorota Zych-Charaziak

Yellow hart 2, 2016
38.6 x 47.2 inch

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Dorota Zych-Charaziak, Nomads (Triptych), Painting

Dorota Zych-Charaziak

Nomads (Triptych), 2016
39.4 x 118.1 inch

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