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Kamil Lisek

Born in: 1980



Kamil Lisek is a Polish artist born in 1980. He studied Under the direction of professor Maciej Swieszewski at the Faculty of painting of the Academy of Fine Arts of Gdansk, where he graduated with honors in 2007. He obtained grants by the Ministry of Culture and the Mayor of the city of Gdansk and in 2006, he won the Grand Prize (ex-aequo) by the Franciszka Eibisch Foundation.

More than the background, it is the painting technique that represents a big challenge for Kamil Lisek, it is particularly important for him. In his pieces, the artist tries to capture all the details of the composition as accurately as possible so that the observer can examine them and slowly admire the frame, the body and the details. His detailed art gives his pieces a style that resembles photorealism.

His work is part of numerous art galleries in Poland and Belarus.

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Kamil Lisek, Girl with a shell, soap bubbles, Painting

Kamil Lisek

Girl with a shell, soap bubbles, 2010
190 x 130 cm

2 500 €

Kamil Lisek, Red Kite, Painting

Kamil Lisek

Red Kite, 2012
140 x 80 cm

3 700 €

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