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Aleksander Grzybek



Aleksander Grzybek is a Polish visual artist.

He studied at the Institute of Artistic Education, UMCS Lublin University in Poland and graduated in 1979.

His main theme is Man, or rather its reduced form as a graphic symbol. One notices repeated human figures in his work. Their shapeless aspect gives the impression as if they are walking in vain, without any goal whatsoever. They walk with their head down and everyone stays in line, They walk one step at a time. Without being identical, they still remain indistinguishable. There is a ghostly aspect about them, like wandering souls headed towards a pilgrimage.

Among them, some are chosen and highlighted by a white background, therefore they stand out. They look like halos. A salutary freedom, which stands out more than the ones in white, encircling the figure with a colored background, shaded off in blue or orange.

Aleksander Grzybek mainly presents his work in Poland through galleries, but also in private collections.

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Aleksander Grzybek, Untitled, Painting

Aleksander Grzybek

Untitled, 2005
13.4 x 10.6 inch


Aleksander Grzybek, Untitled, Painting

Aleksander Grzybek

Untitled, 2004
11.4 x 8.3 inch


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