Hanna Gasiorowska

Born in: 1986



Hanna Gasiorowska is a Polish painter born in 1986. She studied graphic design at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Nicolas Copernic University in Torun.

Her oil paintings have an omnipresent color. Sensual women, moments of life, contemporary society and emotions are all subjects that inspire the artist, who imprints her own mark in each one of her pieces.

Hannah Gasiorowska regularly exhibits her work in Poland.

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Hanna Gasiorowska, Soil juice, Painting

Hanna Gasiorowska

Soil juice, 2013
90 x 120 x 1 cm

900 €

Hanna Gasiorowska, Rest, Painting

Hanna Gasiorowska

Rest, 2013
90 x 120 x 1 cm

950 €

Hanna Gasiorowska, Nyga Nyga, Painting

Hanna Gasiorowska

Nyga Nyga, 2013
90 x 120 x 1 cm

1 000 €

Gallery Katarzyna Napiorkowska - Warsaw | Brussels

7 young painters
From May, 20 To June, 2 2017
Warsaw - Poland

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