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Roman Zakrzewski

Born in: 1955


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Roman Zakrzewski (born in 1955) Studied at the Department of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in the Professor Jerzy Nowosielski's atelier. He graduated in 1985. Expositions: “Master and apprentices” with professor Nowosielski, "Portrait" (Cracow), “Portrait of the one and only woman” (Cracow, Warsaw, Düsseldorf, New York) "At last there is someone and something to write about! Again we have got a painter, who amazes us. He is a young artist. Where does he belong? Who is he? Maybe he is Modigliani, reborn in a different fashion and in completely different circumstances he managed to finish his works. Let us put aside our intuitions, suspicions and doubts. The development of the European art has had something which may be called ‘an inheritance of experience’. Experience of the skills and also of the spirit. The spiritual development of art is a continuity. It is a continuity of spiritual experience. If I see a young artist directly taking up the ?experience? of another artist who died young about 60 years ago, fitting into his artistic life and fulfilling what the older one did not manage to achieve, then I suspect I might be witnessing a great mystery of the development of art. A mystery feared to be discussed by the frightful ones, but which is here revealed, unexpected, yet not unwelcomed. Let us be brave and wise enough to see and accept it.” Professor Jerzy Nowosielski
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Roman Zakrzewski, The only woman's portrait, Painting

Roman Zakrzewski

The only woman's portrait, 2001
47.2 x 31.5 inch


Roman Zakrzewski, Portrait, Painting

Roman Zakrzewski

Portrait, 2001
47.2 x 31.5 inch

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