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Florica Prevenda

Born in: 1959


Florica Prevenda is a Romanian artist and painter born in 1959, living and working in Bucharest. Florica Prevenda is one of the most well known Romanian contemporary artists on the international stage. Her passion for materials and the human condition led her to become interested in creating portraits. Faceless Faces, for example, portrays faces without identity, tormented by destructive and devastating anxiety. Focusing on the communication between human beings at a time characterised by loss of meaning and individualism, the artist spent several months working on images posted on Facebook, as well as the city crowds that populate and standardise the metropolis. In Florica Prevenda's painting, the texture of paint is endlessly reworked and layers are superimposed in the search for symbolic visual saturation. Metaphors of our minds, thoughts, feelings and emotions, the visual codes of her paintings are multiple: they are tangled, multiplied, disorganised and relentlessly restructured. Florica Prevenda regularly exhibits her work in Romania and abroad.
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Florica Prevenda, Facebook-Facebook Obsession 6, Painting

Florica Prevenda

Facebook-Facebook Obsession 6, 2012
39.4 x 39.4 x 2 inch

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