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Olga Ityguilova

Born in: 1974

Russian Federation

Olga Itygilova is a Siberian artist who has been living in Paris for the past twenty years. She grew up in Siberia near Lake Baikal, the cradle of Shamanism, at the heart of the wilderness. Olga draws most of her inspiration from her native country, from its landscapes and culture. During her childhood spent in grand air, Olga explored nature in all its facets, specially during summer when she flew over the Tundra and Taiga plains in helicopter with her parents. The Shamanic culture and the parallel world of spirits is an integral part of her culture and her influences. Since she was 12, she started doing photographs in black and white. During that time, they were still under the Sovietic Union and color printing was very expensive. Her teacher taught the students to develop their own pictures. She discovered back then her passion and talent for photography. At age 22, Olga left her native country to settle in Paris and work in the world of fashion. At the same time, she continued her photographic reseach through a very diverse production.
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  • Russian Artist

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