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Mun-Gi Yang

Born in: 1970

South Korea

Mun-Gi Yang was born in Gwang-Ju in south korea. He was graduated from the Chosun University, Art college. In 2012, he presented the Story of Luxury Stone at the Art Museum of Okgwa, South Korea. Mun-Gi Yang attempted to speak of and question about human beings’s desires, the nature of luxury goods speaking for them, and their social conditions in the Story of Luxury Stone.
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  • Sculpture

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  • SouthKorean Artist

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Mun-Gi Yang, Luxury Stone - LV gris foncé, Sculpture

Mun-Gi Yang

Luxury Stone - LV gris foncé, 2015
11 x 4.3 x 14.2 inch


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