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LosSantos Collages

Born in: 1950


Translation in progress

Google Translate. LosSantos Collages are two emerging artists, (Cristina Santos Morón and her 16-year-old grandson), living and working in Marbella (Málaga). "Collage is an act of piracy, of tracking and accumulating images. It is a "sui generis" way of focusing on Art: the act of catching, cutting and pasting an idea in the works, photos or drawings of others. In the case of LosSantos Collages, we are seduced by a dream, which will then become a series. We allow images that impact them so much as to create a solo work. At the beginning of the work, a path is opening up, the thread of which leads almost always to a state of awareness, vigilance and surprise with the result. "Being two intergenerational artists, we are interested in the current vision of a past world that only one of us has lived. That's why we love the old photos and dive in the dilapidated palatial and aristocratic institutions. In addition, attempting an aesthetic alchemy, we almost always introduce gems and gems in the works, trying to turn what is evident into precious stones and energy into gold. " In this process sometimes we lose course, but we always finish the initiate and the final result can never be changed. Impossible to add or remove anything. Images invade the background and are placed forever. Often a work, projected in principle for a complete series, leaves the line and takes a different course, sometimes of real harmony and others of frank discomfort. But nothing can be done. The creature is born and takes on a life of its own. Little can the artist do to rectify it.
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  • Spanish Artist

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