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Antonio Ballester Moreno

Born in: 1977


Antonio Ballester Moreno is a Spanish painter and was born in 1977 in Madrid, where he still lives and works. His paintings are inspired by the work of many artists, including the German filmmaker Werner Herzog and the American composer John Cage. Antonio Ballester Moreno’s work centres on nature. A real nature lover, he uses a minimalist style to focus on the essential. In his artwork, there’s no room for anything superfluous. His paintings are pure and powerful, evoking life’s issues with disconcerting simplicity. Shapes are childish and colourful. Humour and irony characterise the captivating work of Antonio Ballester Moreno, whose apparent ingenuity hides a delightful sense of humour. Considered as one of the new big names on the Spanish art scene, Ballester Moreno has produced many individual exhibitions, including at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Castilla y Leon, the Espacio Abisal in Bilbao, Peres Projects Kreuzberg in Berlin and more.
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Antonio Ballester Moreno, Árbol verde, Print

Antonio Ballester Moreno

Árbol verde, 2017
55.1 x 39.4 inch


Antonio Ballester Moreno, Pájaros, Print

Antonio Ballester Moreno

Pájaros, 2013
25.6 x 32.1 inch


Antonio Ballester Moreno, Lluvia, Print

Antonio Ballester Moreno

Lluvia, 2017
55.1 x 39.4 inch


Antonio Ballester Moreno, Trama, Print

Antonio Ballester Moreno

Trama, 2013
13 x 12 inch


Antonio Ballester Moreno, Triángulos, Print

Antonio Ballester Moreno

Triángulos, 2013
9.4 x 22.8 inch


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