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I was born in 1972 in Barcelona, but I’ve never felt bound anywhere and I have traveled extensively. I lived in other countries and I considered NYC as my second city. I have never studied art and my training as an artist has been entirely self-taught. My training, ideas, sources of inspiration… are all dynamic and changing, and so are the techniques and methods I employ. I try not to focus on anything too specific and progress by using different sources and experimenting. My training as a social worker, my passion for traveling, my family history and my experience with visual arts…are all very diverse and not at all uniform, which allows me to be very creative. I recently started painting on wood, is a bit complicated because you have to be very careful and delicate, but the result is very rewarding. My work is a reflection of my way of life, my career, training, experiences, travels, interests. It is difficult to define and is constantly moving, growing and modified on the fly. I am very interested in history, the ancient religions, politics and my art is imbued with that.

My style is very characteristic and people are usually identified quickly. I try not only cause visual impact and also convey a message, idea, purpose.I perceive the tattoo as a form of artistic expression. Many of the artists I follow not only deal with tattoos, but they are also very good at other types of art. Lola Garcia, Dr. Lakra, , Annie Frenzel, Sebastian Domasche, Matthias Boechtter or Amina Charai are excellent tattooists, great artists and friends.
It is difficult to identify what my style, it’s usually quite changeable and I like to have different sources of inspiration. I love the historical motives and many of my works are steeped in it. The world wars, the Victorian era, the American 20’s ,… attempt to combine many of my illustrations. I like to shake consciences, give some thought and religion and politics are also present in my work.

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Ramon Maiden, Mucha 1, Print

Ramon Maiden

Mucha 1, 2016
42 x 19 cm

200 €

Ramon Maiden, Audrey Hepburn, Print

Ramon Maiden

Audrey Hepburn, 2016
30 x 21 cm

Sold out

Ramon Maiden, Marilyn Monroe, Print

Ramon Maiden

Marilyn Monroe, 2016
40 x 30 cm

250 €

Ramon Maiden, Mucha 2, Print

Ramon Maiden

Mucha 2, 2016
42 x 19 cm

200 €

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