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Born in: 1963


Translation in progress

Trained artistically in the Schools of Applied Arts between Donosti, Seville and Madrid where he finished his specialty as a sculptor.

Most of his work is done in painting and engraving learning this last technique with the artist Fermin Gorosabel once installed again in Donosti. At the same time he studied the techniques of Analog and Digital prepress in the School of Graphic Arts of Urnieta and began to make his first artistic works in mural techniques and decorative sculpture for places such as the chain of Mexican restaurants Sopitos in Donosti and Iruña, The nightclub Oialume , Or the Bar La Iguana in the Old Town where you can still contemplate the murals, reliefs and sculptures that made in this bar with the help of the artist Imanol Iturripea.

The last large-format mural work was carried out in 2015 with the collaboration of the UPV Faculty of Architecture, together with the sculptor and poet Luis Zabala, the painter Julieta Metralleta and the architect and painter Juan.J. Areizaga.

To make the sculptures and reliefs of the bar the Iguana requested a space in Arteleku, once the work was finished, he stayed as a resident one year more exclusively dedicated to the pictorial techniques and development of his personal work that continues realizing until now already installed in his own Workshop of painting and engraving in the neighborhood of Eguia.

During this time he has performed various exhibitions in the city of Donosti alone or in groups such as E.X.P. He also collaborates in the Donosti Bulebar Art Fair and sporadically carries out artwork, album covers, books, posters. etc.

His paintings and engravings are formally inspired in the illustration, comic and wide iconography of punk and the new wave of the 80s and 90s, coupled with passion for mural painting and Romanesque sculpture, painting of the Flamencos and all the art Of the avant-garde of the twentieth century among other many and varied influences that confers on his work.

In parallel to the pictorial activity he composes and interprets marking songs and personal style since his beginnings in the 80's with the group Los Elasticos after Los Rígidos, Mentes obfuscated, Do not bark me and now Los Concretos or as Baron Roskow alone.

He is currently exhibiting at the Arteko Gallery of Donosti in the collective exhibition Donosti's eyes while he prepares a new work.
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Roskow, Preparatory drawing 7, Drawing


Preparatory drawing 7, 2017
12.2 x 8.3 inch


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