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Óscar Seco

Born in: 1964


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Óscar Seco's highly personal style is characterized by an atmosphere that is both dreamlike, humorous and critical, as his works are filled with representations of both current events and major historical events. His work is expressed through painting, sculpture and also scale models.

Within scenes of the Spanish Civil War, World War II or Nordic landscapes typical of Brueghel, you can find comic characters - like a disillusioned Superman - giant pigeons or even toys that are situated in infernal or outdated settings. A societal critique is shown through elements that are both satirical and naïve at the same time, since the world of geopolitics is mixed with that of surrealism and childhood: the imagination of the viewer is almost automatically positioned vis-à-vis such visions.

When Óscar Seco was awarded the unanimous vote of the Focus-Abengoa Prize jury in his thirtieth edition, and endowed with 24,000 euros, they said of his painting that he "addresses a disturbing personal mythology, interwoven with visual paradoxes that he has managed to assemble in a coherent manner and with pictorial skill capable of integrating appropriations that cover both the history of art and the world of comics'.

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Óscar Seco, Dibujo-1, Drawing

Óscar Seco

Dibujo-1, 2017
19.7 x 19.7 inch


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