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Elena del Rivero

Born in: 1949


Translation in progress

Elena del Rivero has built her own language in order to approach the symbolic distances between the realms of the public and the private. Her letters deepen into the internal codes of intimacy, bringing together the studio as a space devoted to creation and the home as a grid of vital disposition. Elena del Rivero’s works in this exhibition incorporate the above ingredients into a recipe of Mother. Through this collection of work Del Rivero acknowledges Mother, not as an individual but as an encompassing force, present even in absence. Mother is the common denominator shared by all. The works are composed of traditional art materials, combined with items found in the home. These elements are utilized to weave together a narrative of exchange between the feminine domestic sphere and the canon of history. The recurring figure of the dishcloth is used by the artist as an ambiguous and receptive surface, which remains in constant transformation. Sometimes the dishcloth is presented as a flag, entailing the possibility of collective identification; it also functions as a codified letter, avoiding interpretation and establishing privacy as a poetic dimension. The usage of language within Elena del Rivero’s work transforms enunciation into conjuring through repetition, which implies force and embodiment. This practice is complimented by a poetic understanding of the used materials that are enabled to host these archives of experience. Del Rivero undertakes a historic domestication, creating a series of homages that reference iconic figures of art history, these artists are introduced into a circle of familiarity and are approached through simplifying elements. The artist aims to mend (literally and metaphorically) the gaps of history, rescuing ignored and cryptic figures that could help to understand the intrinsic union between daily life and the artistic-intelectual commitment. Elena del Rivero distances herself from the modernist canon and highlights the contributions of Heloise, Hildegard of Bingen, Marina Tsvetáyeva, among others; weaving signs and references into a web of collaboration that transcends historic distances; memory and experience find a common place.
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