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Eva Navarro

Spain Born in: 1967
Eva Navarro (born in 1967) is a painter Spanish living in Madrid (Spain). She holds a bachelor's degree in visual arts from the Complutense University in Madrid. Her work is seen as being part of the new Spanish figurative movement. It has particularly been shown in Europe and the United States .

Eva?s work can be described as vivacious, simple and energetic, full of extraordinary color. Basic elements such as movement, space, action and time, all expressed through the human figure, are reflected in her work.
The Boston Globe wrote that "she explores the concept of time, with long shadows lingering across paintings".

Here is what said the artist from his work:

"I find my sources of inspiration within me. I share the same questions, the same doubts and the same fears as the rest of humanity. Why do I live? Where do I go? What is there after death?
I express my ideas through movements and forms, through slices of life, anonymous persons, foreigners I meet in the street. Foreigners that I encounter by accident, for a few seconds, that I immortalize through my camera. I bring nothing new, nor do I change this raw material, because I want to keep the living presence of real people on the canvas. The technique of the acrylic paint that dries quickly allows me to produce a delicate stroke, having the choice from a wide range of vivid colors, and to create an impression of light and volume by the overlapping of layers.?
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