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Carles Valverde

Spain Born in: 1965
Carles Valverde is a Spanish sculptor born in Terrassa, close to Barcelona, on May 28, 1965. He made his artistic studies in the Catalan capital, at the Escola Llotja, between 1982 and 1987. He lived in Switzerland from 1990 to 2005. Today, he lives and works in Son Servera, Mallorca (Spain).

He works with metal, mainly with steel, with sheets and profiles commonly used industrially; he oxidizes, sands, and adds patina to these materials. His universe is identified with geometry, his sculpture is governed by sections, angles and sharp edges.

At a first glance, nothing contradicts the rigor of forms. We admire the sharpness of his vision and the beauty of the surfaces. But in reality, nothing is more variable than this geometry. Small pieces that can be held in one?s hand, dense and massive, are produced in their monumental versions and placed on the ground; these sculptures only have a transitory appearance.

What seemed definitive is in reality just a possibility among others. By the game of combinations, the sculpture stands or lies on the ground, is picked up, plays with the material and the void. It invites and stimulates the gaze (what about balance or tension?), the logic (what about gravity?) and space (expand or stretch?).

Geometry is a language of clarity and simplicity that holds all the complexities. The work of Carles Valverde was developed starting from simple ideas from which it reveals inexhaustible riches.

He has shows in Switzerland, Germany and Spain, while participating in international art fairs throughout Europe. He also produced several monumental sculptures for public and private organizations and his works are part of many collections in Switzerland and abroad.
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