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Xevi Vilaró

Born in: 1975


Xevi Vilaro is a Spanish painter, born in Girona, Catalonia in 1975.

Self-taught, Xevi Vilaro works mainly with oil paint on methacrylate, a difficult painting technique because of the support. A committed artist, Xevi Vilaro fights for the preservation of nature. His work places man in the heart of his natural environment, reminding him of his dependence on the earth.
Our world is fragil, and this is partly the fault of our human action. Like parasites, we have neglected the impact of our lifestyles on the environment, putting in danger our own existance and that of the living world in general. Xevi Vilaro reintroduces man in nature, through discreet and strong signs. Flowers, birds and other animals carry a warning message. Poetic and elegant, the artist's work is a call for calmness and reflection.
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  • Spanish Artist

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6Z - green tears

Galeria Contrast

6Z - green tears
From December, 1 To February, 4 2017