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Frank Björklund

Born in: 1960


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Frank Björklund (b. 1960) is a Swedish autodidact artist. He is a modern surrealist painter and printmaker with motifs strongly influenced by Salvador Dalí, René Magritte and Marcel Duchamp but with a modern and contemporary touch. Often the title of the artwork is a part of the motif and it works like a guide or a helper to fully understand the motif. ”Remember when you still saw cloud figures in the sky? I haven´t stopped doing that. I can admit that it is more academic now a days, the pro in me takes control, but never the less. I like the meta worlds and sub context. Where you can twist images and create a new world, an inner landscape, made by your references and memories. I will provide you with the ticket to these inner landscapes. The title of the painting is a direction, how far you want to, is all up to you. I´m not so interested in answers, more questions like –Why? To Reflect. I use allegories, like the old masters, to give points, clues, to solve the mystery. Butterflies, birds, books and wine. They have all a meaning. Red is not just a color, it´s blood, love, heart and wine. I hope you are ready to look up in the sky again."
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Frank Björklund, By the Book, Print

Frank Björklund

By the Book, 2016
21.7 x 15 inch


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