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Jane Sager


Jane Sager is a photographer, but a better term for her will probably be magician of images: she makes them, manipulates them, compose them to express her own sensibility. Born in Switzerland, this elegant artist does not reveal her age: the only thing we know is that she was born Under the auspices of Tiger. After spending her childhood in a cosmopolitan world, she went to UK where she entered into the world of fashion and music. She defines herself as a citizen of the world and she currently lives between Geneva, Paris and United States. Her photographs-paintings portray the vanity of the world where everything is bought and sold, where man, who thinks himself capable of controlling its own destiny, does not realize that all he does is dancing with death, which is the final destination for the powerful and for all the others. This powerful message is displayed in big monumental compositions in saturated colors, like halucinations, where every detail plays a symbolic powerful role. In 2016, Jane Sager received the GemlucArt Thema prize for his diptychs "Crazy House Open" and "On...Off". She obtained as well the prize of the Jury GemlucArt (Groupement des Enterprises Monégasques dans la Lutte contre le Cancer) in 2014, organized since 2008 a contemporary art contests.
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In time for Christmas
Jane Sager, Zebra man, Photography

Jane Sager

Zebra man, 2012
70.9 x 47.2 x 1.6 inch


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Special week Christmas exhibition
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