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Jean Zuber

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Jean Zuber is a Swiss artist. He was a member of the Swiss Institute of Rome,a teacher at the Parson's School in Paris. An Eternal vagabond, he alternates between Italy, Arizona, Mexico, Mali, for divers works.

In 1967, He decided to dedicate to the creation of a series of compositions dealing with the surface, before doing allegorical objects using stuffed animals and performing a research on tattooing. Some of his paintings analyze banality, the architectures of the spirit and anthropomorphic landscapes.

He did his first group exhibitions in 1961. He was awarded the swiss Federal fine arts scholarship in 1977, he also received a cantonal prize for the creation of a big painting called " Le Gange" in Basel, Switzerland. He has been invited by numerous renowned institutions, such as the Visual arts/ Crafts Board of the Australian Council or by Arteleku in Basel, Switzerland. He has obtained several grants from all around the world, including the "Cité International des Arts" of Paris in 1974 for two years, another one by the city of Basel in 1981, and in Australia. His pieces have been acquired by, the Museum of Fine Arts of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, and by the National Fund for Plastic Arts in Paris.
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Jean Zuber, La métaphysique du mécréant, où ?, Painting

Jean Zuber

La métaphysique du mécréant, où ?, 2017
36.2 x 28.7 inch

$ 6,630

Few works remaining by Jean Zuber

These are the last remaining works by Jean Zuber.
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Group show

Galerie Pascal Gabert

Group show
From May, 26 To July, 14 2018

Strolling, dream and memory

Galerie Pascal Gabert

Strolling, dream and memory
From January, 20 To February, 24 2018

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