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Kevin Yu

Born in: 1956



Originally from Taiwan, Kevin Yu is an artist born in 1956. He graduated from the National Academy of Arts in his homeland, followed by ENSBA in Paris. He has been living and working in Paris since 1981.

His pictorial work leans on contrasts between Far East and France. The juxtapositions of surfaces, materials and divergent colors, are a metaphor for this obvious gap. Through subtlety and meticulousness, the artist overlays various layers on a aesthetically geometric background, in the same lines as Piet Mondrian and Cuzanne. Two of his influences.

On a blank canvas, his paintings assemble white or red squares, by probing the breaking point of creation or origin. Kevin Yu forges a formal link between traditional Chinese painting and modernism of Western abstraction. Time is highlighted in his work, along with symbols based on reconciliation and encounters between the past and present, dream and reality, here and elsewhere. The artist treats his work as a "personal diary", non narrative, lyrical geometric shapes.

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Kevin Yu, 1794, Painting

Kevin Yu

1794, 2016
38 x 17 cm


Kevin Yu, 2170, Painting

Kevin Yu

2170, 2016
36 x 13 cm


Kevin Yu, 1844, Painting

Kevin Yu

1844, 2016
27 x 11 cm


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