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Tze-Yun Yang

Born in: 1954


A multidisiplinary artist; Yang Tze Yun's(1954) work concentrates mostly on traditional and avant-garde caligraphy, he is a painter, sculptor and potter as well as an excellent opera singer.

Famous in Taiwan, where he was born, Yang is appreciated as well as criticized for making of traditional caligraphy a more liberal and more contemporaneous expression. The shape of the text becomes more liberal and it's actually thanks to this vision of the modernization of an ancestral art that he became famous. He differentiates two caligraphies; one which he had studied for more than thirty years and a more innovative one generated by borrowing from music and its gestures.

He describes his art as connected to music. The images and the brushes strokes feature the colors of the voices. Yang makes the traits and the character of the scripture evolve into an abstract expression, which becomes perceivable by everyone, and gives Chinese caligraphy real originality. The Symbols are not oriental anymore; but seem to become more human. The artist is trying to express the power of his inner energy and manifest the bottom of his soul. Yang has an unconventional approach to his public, during his opening exposition in the gallery of art of Eck in Solingen; he did not hesitate to use all the energy of his body to create "The physical expression of avant-garde caligraphy" by producing taiwanese gestures on rice paper, thus giving power to the symbols. He also reveals the way music influences his creative workflow.

Yang Tze Yun was very active in Belgium during the 90s. In fact from 1994 to 1998, he studied philosophy at the University of Leuven, later on he got a Phd in history of art from the university of Ghent. In 1996 the Belgian government and Taiwanese autorities sponsored his personal exposition at the university of Leuven and an international seminar about his works. Between 1996 and 2010, he was invited on four occassions to the international art fair of Ghent (Lineart) and will be exhibited at the gallery of Corbyn in Knokke. His presence on the international market has helped him to remain active and to maintain his international reputation in countries such as: China, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Spain, Italy, Taiwan and Belgium

Yang owns a museum named after him in Taiwan since 2002, where he exhibits his own art .
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  • Taiwanese Artist

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