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Chou Ching Hui

Born in: 1965


Chou Ching-Hui is a Taiwanese photographer, he was born in 1965 in Taiwan. He studied at World College in Taiwan and graduated in journalism. Chou Ching-Hui began taking an interest in photography 1988 onward. After finishing his military service, he became a reporter-photographer for various magazines in Taiwan and received a silver medal for photo-reporting in Taiwan. A year later, Chou began his first major photography project, "Frozen back in the day" - Images of a leper colony, this series was exhibited at the Fine Arts Museum in Taipei in 1995. The following year, the same exhibition took place at Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Tokyo. His approach as a photo-journalist has influenced his artistic work. Chou uses documentary images as a medium for contemporary art and culture by describing and reporting the things he observes. For example, his recent series, From shadow to light (1995) and Portraits of workers(2002), are black and white portraits of rural schoolchildren and factory workers, a step in between traditional documentaries and concepts of contemporary art. Chou is still part of the social scene in Taiwan but also around the world, his aim is to create art. He wishes to tell stories through his camera. Each of Chou's projects are closely related to social issues. In his recent series, mainly Animal Farm, Chou spent five years examining the organization of the various zoos in Taiwan and taking photos of the people in a special manner, as if they were being examined under a Microscope, just as we observe animals at the zoo. His work has been exhibited all around the world, in Taiwan, China, Japan, Germany, England, etc. His creations were exhibited in major cultural venues such as the Fine Arts Museum in Taipei (1995), Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Tokyo (1996), Pingyao International Photography Festival in China (2002), Art Museum of Guangdong (2003), Shanghai Art Museum (2003), Guangzhou Photography Biennial (2008, 2009) and Taiwan Biennial (2008).
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Animal Farm - Chou Ching Hui Solo Exhibition

La Galerie Paris 1839

Animal Farm - Chou Ching Hui Solo Exhibition
From November, 24 To April, 2 2017

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