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Pajonyut Puvijarn

Born in: 1873


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Pajonyut Puvijarn's painting is resolutely inspired by the landscapes and people who are part of his daily life in Bangkok. Pajonyut likes to paint the lotuses that bloom on the rivers that he traverses during his long wanderings in the surrounding countryside of Bangkok. He also likes to represent the sacred, inspired by the monks that he can meet at the turn of a path or the faces of Buddha that he takes a photo - an old polaroid that he never leaves - on the facades of the temples . This relationship doubles, the aquatic element as well as the spirituality, is found in his way of painting. Pajoniut paints exclusively with a knife, by applying a large amount of oil paint, which gives his art an impression of fluidity and elegance, which is complemented by the addition of a thin layer of Leaf of gold which makes its works conducive to contemplation.
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Pajonyut Puvijarn, Serenity, Painting

Pajonyut Puvijarn

Serenity, 2015
81.1 x 66.1 x 1.6 inch


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