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Pakitsilp Varamissara

Born in: 1954


Pakitsilp Varamissara is a painter, born in 1954 in Thailand. A former student of one of the most prestigious art universities in Thailand, Silpakorn, he trained in traditional Thai painting and fresco.

Through his art, the artist is able to offer us an unusual and enthusiastic cosmogony of Thailand. In an iconography which is deliberately traditional, he addresses all those themes which could define his country. His research on color but also his attention to the slightest details are reasons to attract the spectator's look, so that he goes through these lifelike scenes. It's a pleasure to lose one's bearings, as one is actually able to travel in a welcoming but dreamlike universe.

The last works of the artist are an inkling to the liveliness of his homeland and the nervousness of its cities. Through a more modern style, he highlights the changes of the Thai society, where tradition and contemporary culture are confronted all the time.
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Pakitsilp Varamissara, Tradition looking down at modernity , Painting

Pakitsilp Varamissara

Tradition looking down at modernity , 1998
59.1 x 23.6 inch


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