Pairoj Karndee

Born in: 1975



Pairoj Karndee was born in Thailand and graduated from the Silpakorn University in Bangkok. He a rising stars of Asian contemporary art today.

He produces finely elaborated paintings, limited in number every year, that refer to the beauty of the human body.

Fascinated by the Angkor sculptures in Cambodia, he paints portraits in which the surface of the skin seems to be engraved in stone.

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Pairoj Karndee, Dreams of home, Painting

Pairoj Karndee

Dreams of home, 2017
100 x 80 x 3 cm

4 200 €

Pairoj Karndee, Red Apsara, Painting

Pairoj Karndee

Red Apsara, 2012
120 x 120 x 3 cm

7 500 €

Pairoj Karndee, Dawn's Awakening, Painting

Pairoj Karndee

Dawn's Awakening, 2014
100 x 190 x 4 cm

8 500 €

Pairoj Karndee, Pink Angel China, Painting

Pairoj Karndee

Pink Angel China, 2013
60 x 75 x 3 cm

2 250 €

Pairoj Karndee, Summer winds, Painting

Pairoj Karndee

Summer winds, 2013
100 x 80 x 4 cm

4 200 €

Pairoj Karndee, The Prize, Painting

Pairoj Karndee

The Prize, 2013
80 x 80 x 4 cm

Sold out

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