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Jean-Pierre Maltese

Born in: 1946



Jean-Pierre Maltese is a Tunisian artist, he was born in 1946. Right since his childhood, drawing and painting have been his priority. A former student of the fine arts school in Toulon and Seyne, he rubbed shoulders with the painters of the school in Toulouse, especially Jacques Bartoli and his precious advice meant a lot to the artist. He moved on from visual arts, ceramics, not to mention sculpture, the artist has proven to be rather shape-shifting.

The artist tries to let out emotions through his paintings, Jean-Pierre Maltese is inspired by the lights of the Midi region as he uses it to capture heightened vitality. All this is produced in abundance, the work comes into being "over time. It's never immediate as it requires willingness in order to understand the artist's approach. It's about communication: the eye perceives and accumulates details, the spectator is then led towards an inaccessible point. Through an adept manner of using colors, the painter is able to make the spectator look beyond the image. This incomplete path needs to be revisited and rediscovered and it's a true delight...".

According to him, "one reads a painting like a book, each one is free to interpret. The painting tells a story, regardless of its abstraction: its relationship with other objects, with the spectators, and the peculiar story between elements which shape it up: form, color, material, frontier...".

Jean-Pierre Maltese portrays his work during several exhibitions. The press has honored his work on several occasions.

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Jean-Pierre Maltese, Danse dans le champ jaune, Painting

Jean-Pierre Maltese

Danse dans le champ jaune, 2017
54 x 65 x 2 cm

3 900 €

Jean-Pierre Maltese, Trois enfants qui dansent, Painting

Jean-Pierre Maltese

Trois enfants qui dansent, 2017
46 x 55 x 2 cm

3 500 €

Jean-Pierre Maltese, La mer déroule son tapis bleu, Painting

Jean-Pierre Maltese

La mer déroule son tapis bleu, 2017
92 x 65 x 2 cm

Sold out

Jean-Pierre Maltese, Bateaux devant le fort, Painting

Jean-Pierre Maltese

Bateaux devant le fort, 2017
73 x 92 x 2 cm

5 800 €

Jean-Pierre Maltese, La montagne sous son manteau bleu, Painting

Jean-Pierre Maltese

La montagne sous son manteau bleu, 2017
50 x 65 x 2 cm

3 900 €

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