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Nurcan Giz

Born in: 1952


Nurcan Giz Galasy was born in Istanbul in 1952 where she studied psychology at the University of Istanbul. It is then installed in Switzerland to study art at the school of decorative arts in Geneva. The painting of Nurcan Giz Galasy creates its own laws plastics outside of any alibi of the subject. To the possibilities that his art which he proposes, it confers a expressive value consistent with its secret sensitivity, in agreement with its notion of perfection or more exactly of culmination that the artist puts in any thing. It is in this double register of discretion and of the fervour that Nurcan Giz Galasy conquers his language. Without ever giving in to the facility nor to the negligence, it is the interpreter of a real more authentic than the objective reality which the whole singularity rests on a readable structure. Of irregular forms are emerging of a substance alive, plain fruitful subject to the Splotchy area fill or the onslaught of lyrical forces in presence to make happen the visible of the paint. Freed of the usual codes of figurative representation, the artist can undertake the exploration of space, together with that of the light.
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Nurcan Giz, Isimsiz, Painting

Nurcan Giz

Isimsiz, 2015
15.7 x 15.7 x 2 inch


Nurcan Giz, Isimsiz, Painting

Nurcan Giz

Isimsiz, 2013
39.4 x 47.2 x 2 inch


Nurcan Giz, Isimsiz 573/14, Painting

Nurcan Giz

Isimsiz 573/14, 2015
51.2 x 78.7 x 2 inch


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