Baris Saribas

Born in 1979 - Turkey


Baris Saribas, is a painter born in Turkey in 1979. He studied art and design at the Anatolian University during a year and then joined the Marmara University in Istanbul, where he graduated. Along with his studies, he worked with Ekrem Kahraman, a renowned Turkish artist. He currently lives and works in Istanbul.

Baris Saribas gets inspired by Pop art and by Expressionism to paint pieces where calm and destruction intertwine.

The artist normally works by subject: he dedicated several years of his work to a specific subject, of which he studied the symbols in order to be able to transfigure them in his abstract compositions. Along his career, Baris Saribas has always have a tendency to study women photographers, war planes and hot air ballons...out of context, the subject is revisited, stripped of the usual symbols with which he is normally associated.The artist represents them from a new perspective.
Baris Saribas's work, questions our own representations of the world, our childish and thoughtless representations structuring the image that we have of reality. Smoothness, poetry, and world issues are reunited in the work of the Turkish artist.

Baris Saribas has already participated in several exhibitions, including one at the Stux Gallery in New York and several in Art Basel Miami Beach, the Contemporary Art Fair. He inaugurated his first solo exhibition in 2002.

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Solo Exhibitions:

1997 Ali Güral Anatolian Collage, Kütahya
Cultur Center of Selçuk, ?zmir
1998 Pentimento Art Shop, ?stanbul
2002 Bir Art Center, ?stanbul. “Don’t turn I’m in your sight”
2003 Bilim Art Gallery, ?stanbul. “I’m toooo alone”
Asmal?mescit Bal?kç?s?, ?stanbul “Where is my childhood?”
2004 Atatürk Cultur Center, ?stanbul “On our own hills, in our own valleys” (with Ekrem Kahraman)
Art Gallery, ?ekerbank, Ankara “We couldn’t talk of ourselves”
Gallery Artist, Çukurcuma, ?stanbul “Whatever you say!”
Art Gallery of Ba?ak ?nsurance Co. “Are you still remembering?”
Rengigül Art Gallery, Bozcaada, Çanakkale
Tüyap Art-Fair, Gallery Art-Inter Cultura, (Hamburg), ?stanbul
Myrna Art-Gallery, ?stanbul
2005 Çak?nberk Art Gallery, Bal?kesir
Altamira Art-Gallery, Mersin
Gallery Artist, Çukurcuma, ?stanbul
Cep Art-Gallery, Art Forum 1, Ankara
2006 GF Art Gallery, ?zmir
Nurol Art Gallery, Ankara
2007 Helmsted, Germany
Mayadrom Sport Center, ?stanbul “Compass Art”
GF Art Gallery, ?zmir “Give my greetings to Olive Trees”
2008 Dirimart, “Run(a)way”, ?stanbul/Turkey
Kare Art Gallery, “Paper Works 2000-2001”, ?stanbul/Turkey
2011 Olcayart "Mo(ve)ment", Curator: Gaia Serena Simionati, Istanbul/Turkey
2015 Main Art, Curator: Bianca Schafer, ?nternational Kunstmesse, May 2015, Erlenbach, Germany
Bocs Art, Curator: Alberto Dambruoso, Cosenza, Italy

Group Exhibitions 2015:

“Çanakkale Zaferi’nin 100. Y?l?”. A.I.A.P Gallery, ?stanbul, Turkey.
The World Art Day, Samsun, Turkey.
“Çanakkale Fifteen”, Curator: Beste Gürsu,?stanbul Congress Centre, ?stanbul, Turkey.
Cafer Sad?k Abal?o?lu Fondation, A.I.A.P., Denizli, Turkey.
Ca?la Cabao?lu Gallery, ?stanbul, Turkey.
“I have a Story”, Curator: Beste Gürsu, Tiran Fine Arts Academy, Gallery Fab, Tiran.
“I have a Story”,Curator,Beste Gürsu, Ulucg Gallery, Pogdorica, Montenegro.
The Phantom of the Opera, Mika-Der, Zorlu PSM Center, ?stanbul, Turkey.
“I have a story”,Curator:Beste Gürsu,Pristina Fine Arts Academy Gallery, Pri?tina, Kosovo.
“Sentences Bar?? Manço, 80 Song 80 Artists Eye”, Galatasaray Üniversity Art and Culture Center, Turkey.
“Jorgensen&Imhoff” Art Collectors,(September 28th.)Minneapolis, U.S.A.
Tabor Press, ”Graphic Calender 2016”(November), Berlin, Germany.
Vertigo Art, curated by Gianluca Covelli, Cosenza, Italy.
Palazzo Arnone, BoCs Art residency exhibition, Cosenza, Italy.
In-augur-azione “Portafortuna”, V.A.R.CO.(Varco Arte Contemporanea) L’Aquila, Italy.


1996 First Prize Turkey and first prize in Kütahya in Competition Subject ”Hunger” World Food
Organisation (F.M.O.)
First Prize Turkey United Nations Competition of the 6th ?nternational Poster-Drawing “The World
and our Family“
1997 2nd Prize, Poster Competition of T.C. Ministry of Finance, (Tax Week)
1998 3th Prize, Atatürk Research Center, ”Language and History”
2003 Awards for Competition of the 2nd Contemporary Art Meeting of young Artist “Beyond Fronties”,
2004 16th Traditional Türkish Painting Competition, Türkish Tobacco Center, Supporting Mansion
2005 First Prize in 4th Contemporary Art Meeting, by Young Artists ”Art and the City”
66th State Painting Competition, Most Successful Artist Award
2006 2nd Painting Painting Competition of the Ümraniye Municipality Mansion Awards
First Prize in the “?nternational Contemporary Art Meeting” of young Artist
2007 68th State Painting Competition, Most Successful Artist Award

Documentary Films:

2005 "On our own hills, in our own valleys" (with Ekrem Kahraman), 58 minutes, Director:Süreyya
2012 Bar?? Sar?ba? - 5 Minutes Special", Ekavart Tv, 3:39 minutes?
"Baris Saribas - L`abstraction du Symbole", Le Monde, Director: Mike Chevruil, 4 minutes

Artist Residecny:

Cafer Sad?k Abal?o?lu Education and Culture Fondat?on& Unesco A.I.A.P.& Lunaria
Fondation/Italy, Denizli, Turkey.
Tabor Press, Berlin, Germany.
Tabor Press & Dreams Academy, Berlin, Germany.
Cosenza Contemporary Museum of Art Artist Residency.

Museums Collections and Exhibitions:

2015 Museo d Arte Contemporanea di Roberto Bilotti Ruggi D aragona, Rende, Italy
Museo d Arte Contemporanea di Cosenza, Cosenza, Italy
Palazzo Arnone di Cosenza, Cosenza Italy
Luciano Benetton Museum, Torino, Italy
2011 Maraya Art Center, Sharja, UAE
2005 Pera Museum,?stanbul, Turkey
2004 Baks? Museum,Baks?, Gümü?hane/Turkey

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