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Drukker & Webb

United Kingdom


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'Drukker & Webb' is a collaborative project is between abstract painter Rufus Knight-Webb and ceramicist and theoretical physicist Nadav Drukker.

Drukker and Webb both draw from extensive knowledge in their fields, combining their unlikely subject matter; Theoretical Physics and Abstract Painting. Initially each work appears to represent a blackboard, however as the eyes focus on the picture plane the illusion deepens, an artwork of abstract improvisation appears.

The inscribed and written formulae are ‘String Theory & Supersymmetric Field Theories’, which are Drukker’s specialised areas of research. The theory is written onto a black and white canvas as though for an advanced mathematics lesson. Because the physics is purely theoretical and difficult to communicate to a non scientific public, the artist and scientist collaboration helps illustrate the beauty in the physics without a need to understand any of it.

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Drukker & Webb, The Ingredients of the Schur Index, Painting

Drukker & Webb

The Ingredients of the Schur Index, 2017
120 x 120 cm

8 000 €

Drukker & Webb, One Infinite Sum, Painting

Drukker & Webb

One Infinite Sum, 2017
90 x 130 cm

8 000 €

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